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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recipes: English Thyme

Excerpted from "The Garden Pages" blog.

"In the kitchen thyme can be used either fresh or dried.  It goes well with poultry and eggs and adds rich flavor to soups and stews.  Thyme also has a long history in the medicine cabinet.  It has carminative, antiseptic and expectorant properties. It has been used as a tea for respiratory problems and gastrointestinal  
The lore of thyme is also rich.  It was used in Greece to give courage and energize the sprit.  To say another "smelled of thyme" was a rich compliment.  Thyme was burned whole as an incense to cleanse and purify temples.  Sleeping with a bit of thyme under your pillow is said to prevent nightmares.  Thyme is said to be a favorite plant of elves and fairies.  I too am enchanted by thyme.  Try some an you will be too."

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