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Friday, October 29, 2010

Whats in your extra share this week.

1.  Mix green
2.  Dikon Radish
3.  Red beet
4.  Cucumber
5.  Tomato
6.  Banana Squash
7.  Apple

1.  Russetted potato
2.  Winter Squash

1.  Cabbage
2.  Extra Banana Squash
3.  Extra mix green
4.  Chinese Kale
5.  Extra winter squash

Tomatoes Froze : ( No Picking on Sunday.

As the tomatoes were finally ripening this week, they froze : (  That's the way of farming.  So we're sorry to report that there will be no member picking day on Sunday.  David will till them into the earth and they will nourish next year's crops : )

If you forgot to leave your boxes, there is still time to return them.

I've had a couple members email me to tell me they forgot to leave/return their last boxes.  Don't worry.  There is still time.  David will be making one more round to the normal drop locations next week to pick up all the boxes.  So if you forgot, please make sure to return them before your regularly scheduled pick-up day.  Thanks!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Looking for Blog Editor - Trade for 2011 medium share

If anyone is interested in trading a medium share for being the blog editor next year, please email  This would include weekly posts about recipes, produce information (through web searches and conversations with David, the grower) and general information that David needs to get out to members.  Pass it on : )  Thanks!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Return All Boxes, Bring Shopping bags, please : )

This is the last week of shares.  Thanks everyone for a great season.  Please bring your own bags or boxes to transfer all your produce - so your last boxes can be left at the drop point for David to pick up.

I will be posting information about the holiday box as soon as I have more information.

For next year's sign-up and payment, we are working with a software called "Farmigo".  When that is launched and ready to go, I'll send out a blog post to let you know we're ready.  There will be an early bird discount for those who sign up early.

Thanks : )

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Too Rainy & Muddy - Tomato day cancelled

The fields are too muddy from the rain.  So we're canceling the tomato day.  Sorry to anyone who made the trek.  If they don't freeze this week, we'll try again next week.  We'll keep you posted : )

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's in your share this week

1.  Mix green
2.  Red Beet
3.  Tomato
4.  Market More cucumber
5.  Russetted potato
6.  Mix squash
7.  Black radish
8.  Red meat radish
9.  Sweet Meat squash
10. Asian Pear

1.  Extra potato
2.  Chinese Kale
3.  White Patty Pan squash

1.  Extra mix green
2.  Extra potato
3.  Spinach
4.  Parsnips
5.  Turnips
6.  Green cabbage
7.  Red Cabbage

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Extra Week Free, Plus Free Tomatoes for members

Zoe's Garden is giving our members one extra week free, going all the way through to October 29 for the Friday shares.  If you are a drop host and are unable to host for an extra week or are a member and won't be able to pick up your share, please email

It's been strange weather this year, and things like broccoli and cauliflower that normally would have ripened weeks ago are just starting to ripen.  Most of the tomatoes have also held out on us until now.  But there is still over 1000 pounds in the fields.  So on Sunday, October 24th from 10am - 4pm, members only can come to the farm and pick as many tomatoes as they can carry away (assuming we don't get a frost that kills them all between now and then).

Holiday Box
We will also be offering a holiday box to be delivered the week before Thanksgiving (Nov 16th, 17th & 19th). There will be a price for this - to be determined as we get closer and know exactly what will be in it.  But we think it will include winter squash, potatoes, shallots, jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes), and beets. Email if you're interested.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's in your share list this week.

1.  Mix green
2.  Bull's Blood Beet
3.  Tomato
4.  Marketmore cucumber
5.  Russetted potato
6.  Green cabbage
7.  White Patty Pan squash
8.  Black radish
9.  Lemon cucumber
10. Arugula
11. Mix green bean

1.  Peach
2.  Dandelion
3.  Zephyr Squash
4.  Yellow patty pan squash

1.  Vitamin Green
2.  Purple cauliflower
3.  Broccoli
4.  Extra mix green
5.  Banana squash
6.  Extra Dandelion and green bean

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's in your shar this week

1.  Mix Green
2.  Bull's Blood Beet
3.  Broccoli Raab
4.  Tomato
5.  Peach
6.  Hubbard Squash
7.  Market More Cucumber
8.  Russetted Potato
9.  Green Cabbage
10. White Patty Pan squash
11.  Yellow Patty Pan squash

1.  Green Zucchini
2.  Straightneck Squash
3.  Sunburst Squash
4.  Zephyr Squash

1.  Gala Apple
2. Golden Apple
3.  Bartlett Pear
4.  Bell Pepper
5.  Shungiku
6.  Red Meat Radish
7.  Extra Hubbard Squash
8.  Butternut Squash