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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 9 Lists

Week #9 -- quite a bit of the same this week, as usual, with some new things for variety.  I'm happy to see things that hold up a little better in the fridge from week to week.  Those delicate spring items were hard to use up some weeks before they wilted.... things are getting sturdier, though.

top: great lake lettuce, strawberries/microgreens, spinach
middle: snap peas (fatter), onion, Enlish peas (skinnier)
bottom: shallot scapes, garlic scapes

garlic scapes
shallot scapes
spring onion
sugarsnap peas
great lake lettuce
microgreen mix
English peas

top: buttercrunch lettuce, radishes, bean sprouts/microgreens/
edible flowers, green amaranth
middle: romaine, young squash, blue kale
bottom: endive

small +
buttercrunch lettuce
blue kale

medium +
young spaghetti squash
green bean sprouts
micro purple basil
green amaranth
extra microgreen mix

Spring Onion
The spring onion is basically just a young, 'uncured' field onion.  The outside hasn't been dried out like onions from the grocery.  Store it in the refrigerator, probably in the crisper drawer.

A member of the chicory family and a relative of frisee and radicchio, I think this variety of endive is also called escarole.  Please correct me if you're more sure of the answer!  Endive is a bitter green, very usable as a salad green or suitable for sauteeing and adding to soups.  Store it loosely in plastic, preferably in the crisper drawer, much like the lettuces we've been receiving, but it should hold up a little better.  Braising might be best for one this size.  Add chopped endive to some hot oil in a skillet.  Brown lightly (maybe 10 minutes), then add a little vegetable stock, salt, and pepper to taste.  Simmer until tender and the liquid is absorbed.  Top with vinegar and croutons.

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