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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 11 Lists

Boxes are getting heavier!  Quick storage notes: greens (including the beet greens) loose in plastic in the crisper, cherries and berries covered in the fridge, and onions-beans-beets to the bottom of the fridge as well.  The squash are probably fine on your countertop if you're going to eat them in the next day or two.  Some of the apricots probably aren't totally ripe yet, and if they aren't, put them in a paper bag on the countertop.  Check them in the morning and evening until they're as soft as you'd like.  (Some of the apricots are also slightly bruised from a wind storm at the farm last night.  They're fine, but eat them first.)

I listed the retail values for the small share veggies that David charges at the farmer's market, and we estimated them as best we could by weight.  All told, retail, the small box this week is worth $60 at full value.

Wild Garden Kale  ($4)
Apricots (4-5 lbs at $3/lb = ~$12)
Cherries ($3 for the half pound)
Spring Onions (~$4 worth)
Chocolate Mint ($3)
Blue Lake Green Beans ($5 for the pound)
    The green beans might have been left out... I'm checking.
Fava Beans ($8 for the pound)
Sunburst Squash
Italian Zucchini
Zephyr Squash
Straight Neck Squash
(5 lb squash @ $2/lb for cheapest = $10)
Red Detroit Beet ($3 for the 3/4 pound)
Garlic ($3)
Spinach ($5)

Red Russian Kale
Red Amaranth
Flying Saucer Squash
Red Romaine Lettuce
Micro Pea Shoots

Microgreen Mix
Micro Chervil
Crookneck Squash
Straight Neck Squash
Golden Zucchini
Black Beauty Zucchini
Great Lake Lettuce
Red Sail Lettuce
Extra Apricots

Zephyr squash (two different colorations), fava, onion,
garlic, beets, Italian zucc, sunburst, straight neck squash

Spinach, chocolate mint, apricots, cherries, wild kale

Red Russian kale, pea shoots, flying saucer squash,
amaranth, red romaine lettuce

tops: micro chervil, microgreen mix, raspberries, strawberries
bottom: red sail lettuce, black beauty, yellow zucc,
crook neck (or straight neck - I'm not sure), great lake lettuce

Fava Beans
Fava beans are meant to be eaten very young.  Remove the beans from their shells and then fry or boil them, mash them and serve them on toasted bread, or sautee them with shrimp and peas.

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