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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 8 Lists

This week is a lot like the last, with a few more peas and strawberries.  In the next couple of weeks, we can expect mulberries, then raspberries, zucchini, and cucumbers.

Top, LtoR: yellow snow peas, snap peas, shungiku,
english peas, great lake lettuce
Bottom, LtoR: onion scape, microgreens, strawberries,
garlic scapes, Chinese broccoli, spinach

shallot scapes
garlic scapes
sugar snap peas
yellow snow peas
great lake lettuce
English peas
Chinese broccoli

spring onion, rhubarb, Chinese butter lettuce

spring onion
Chinese butter lettuce
extra spinach
very top: romaine lettuce
top: bean sprouts, young squash, basil micros, yu-choi
bot: amaranth, red sail lettuce, Chinese snow broccoli,
mixed salad greens

red sail lettuce
romaine lettuce
red amaranth
bean sprouts
salad mix
micro basil (purple & green)
Chinese snow broccoli
yu choi
young squash (actually spaghetti, but treat like zucchini)
extra spinach
extra microgreens
extra strawberries
extra sugar snap peas
extra English peas

New this week are the English peas and the young squash.  Both are pretty straightforward.

English Peas
A variety of garden pea, the pods of these guys are inedible.  Store them loosely in the plastic bag in the fridge.  Crack them open and 'shell' the peas to get access to those green globes of ultimate garden fresh flavor.  It takes a lot of pods to get an appreciable pile of peas, so unless you live alone, you won't be serving these alone as a side dish.  They can be eaten raw or lightly blanched.  A few ideas for small numbers of peas:  a salad garnish; blanched and mashed with mint and parmesan; added to a mashed potato dish; added to a pureed soup for color and nutrition.  The surprising pairing that shows up over and over for fresh peas is fresh mint, and I have to vouch for its bright flavor and fresh taste.

Young Squash
This is actually a green spaghetti squash.  David's family likes them young, so he put them in the shares.  He says to use it much like a zucchini, but that it has a slightly sweeter flavor.

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