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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 7 Lists

Apart from the snap peas and rhubarb, nothing new this week that we haven't seen already.  There's more of stuff, though, so those small shares are looking happier.  Also, I'm excited for our new additions.  Our snap peas barely made it through the pictures before my kids spotted them and they were inhaled, so don't hesitate to pull off the string and crunch away.  Grab them by the flower end, snap near the tip, and pull away the string.  Sweet, crunchy, and ready for dipping in some hummus.

I, for one, have lettuce coming out of my ears.  Luckily it is holding up well, but I need to eat more salads.  Maybe sliced snap peas and microgreens will entice me to make a different salad than usual, but I've had difficulty persuading myself to buy tomatoes or cukes in the store.... I know they'll be so much tastier if I can wait for them to get ripe here in Utah.  I'll do us all a favor and find a few non-standard salad recipes so we can branch out.

Top, LtoR: spinach, blue kale
Middle: onion, shallot scape, red sail lettuce, rhubarb, garlic scape
Bottom: yellow snap pea, microgreens / strawberries, snap peas

Yellow snap peas
Snap peas
Microgreen mix
Rhubarb (the first and last of it, sorry)
Spring onion
Garlic scapes
Shallot scapes
Red sail lettuce
Blue kale

LtoR: shungiku, Chinese broccoli, Swiss chard, snow broccoli

Chinese snow broccoli
Chinese broccoli
Swiss chard

Top, LtoR: great lake lettuce, microgreens, snap peas, salad mix
Middle: small bok choy, garlic chives, amaranth, asparagus, yu choi
Bottom: short baby bok choy, romaine lettuce

Salad mix
Short baby bok choy
Small bok choy
Yu choi
Garlic chives
Great lake lettuce
extra Snap peas
extra Microgreen mix

Rhubarb looks like red celery and is most commonly thought of in combination with strawberries.  Very tart when raw, it is generally cooked to reduce the tartness.  You can make a tasty jam with other dried fruits, an applesauce type concoction for eating right away, stewed rhubarb as a topping for ice cream, or strawberry-rhubarb pie.  To make a strawberry - rhubarb pie filling, you'll need more strawberries than we received this week, a couple of cups at least.  This site has lots of great pictures.  I'll try to get a couple more recipes by week's end if you're not into pies.

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