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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 4 Lists

The extended cool weather has David cursing what he can supply to the members this week... it is just a little bit smaller than last week because a lot of the "cut and come again" greens are only just now starting to resprout as the weather warms.  This is part of the vagaries of a CSA, but I promise there will be weeks when the boxes are too full for you to remember the early weeks.

Top: Red Sail lettuce, spinach
Middle: bean sprouts, wheat grass, microgreen mix, snow broccoli
asparagus, onion scapes, young garlic, Champion radish
Bottom: sunchokes, spearmint, Hail Stone radish

young garlic
champion radish
hail stone radish
red & white sunchokes
red sail lettuce
mung bean sprouts
wheat grass
microgreen mix
onion scapes
Chinese snow broccoli

great lake lettuce
***romaine lettuce
L to R: shungiku, amaranth, red mustard, green mustard

L to R: purple basil microgreens, sunflower microgreens,
goji berry leaves, romaine lettuce, Great Lake lettuce

amaranth greens
red mustard
green mustard
romaine lettuce
goji berry greens
purple microbasil
microsunflower greens
extra wheat grass
extra spinach

*** (This was not picked in time for Tuesday's boxes, but will be in Wednesday and Friday's.  Tuesday people will see an extra romaine lettuce next week.  David apologizes!  And I'm going to apologize to the medium shares for the rather small "extra" offerings in the last two weeks, but I promise, the fruit later in the season will make up for it.)

Goji Berry Greens
The leaves of the goji (more commonly known for the berries of the same name that purported amazing health-promoting properties in teas, chinese medicince, and energy bars a few years back) are edible raw or cooked.  They also go by the name Matrimony Vine, Wolfberry, and Duke of Argyll's Tea Tree.  They carry a lot of the same vitamins and minerals as the berries, and are used to make medicinal teas in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Add them to egg drop soup, simple broths, or salads.

Garnish refreshing drinks, dry and save, make mojitos, steep to make tea, chop and top pork chops.


  1. Really? More sunchokes?

  2. Yup, more chokes. Sorry to those who are tired of them. This is probably the end of them. They store well, they're healthy, and they grew very well last fall. Honestly, I feel the same way about summer squash in August.