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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Small shares and Meat

Hello everyone,

Two quick updates.

Not so Plump Produce
For those who are thinking that the shares are a little thin this week and last, you're right.  Funny weather left the crops not too productive in this gap of time.  Everything is growing, though, and you'll find your boxes plumping back up.  And the season started so early this year that David will be providing an extra week at the end of the season for no charge.  He'll have produce coming out of his ears with the end of the market season, and you'll reap the benefit and receive your "fair share" to make up for these lean weeks.

The animals David sent out for slaughter last week are being portioned out now.  We're looking at lamb (ground, leg, loin roast, and stew meat) and beef (ground chuck, ground sirloin, and ground round).  David is wanting to deliver it to members next week, but cannot leave it at the drop site as he just doesn't trust it to stay frozen.  You'll need to meet him there when he is delivering (between 12:00 and 3:00, depending on your location), and he's trying to arrange it so he stays at each drop site for half an hour to an hour to facilitate pickup by members.  I will put up a detailed price list and pickup window times for you for each drop site later this week, and you'll just need to email me by around noon the day before your pickup with your selections.


  1. Any details yet on ordering meat, prices, and pickup times for those of us interested?

  2. David was short handed in the field this week. I think he's finally finished the inventory of the meat and figured out the cost for members. I will post here shortly. Pickups should be next week.