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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 18 Lists

I'm sorry, but no pictures tonight.  I locked the keys to my car in the trunk after a meeting.  It was late when I got dinner and later still when I got back to the car with the spares.  The "new" stuff this week would be arugula (we saw it this spring, though), lemon cucumbers (they look sorta like lemons and have great flavor), watermelons, and apples.  That's all pretty standard, minus the arugula, which the medium and large share could confuse with their spinach by sight (but never taste).

David says the watermelon is always a gamble on how ripe it is.  Other melons are easy to judge, watermelon - not so much.  If it turns out to be too ripe, it is still totally edible just a little mealy in the texture.  Too green -- try salting it before you eat it, or blend it into smoothies, mixed drinks, or just dropped into a pitcher of water.

Sorry folks, but enjoy these heavy boxes!  Also, we'll have signups for the winter share available on Farmigo within the week (if I don't lock my computer in my trunk again).

I've been snacking my way through the cukes and the fruit, but I'm swimming in a sea of cabbage and summer squash.  I'll put up instructions for freezing the summer squash (great for slipping into winter soup and pasta sauce) and maybe I'll take a stab at REAL sauerkraut to share with you all.  All you need is salt, spice, a big pot, and a rock.  I'll wash the rock first, I promise.

doughnut peaches
Armenian cucumber
white pattypan squash
yellow pattypan squash
lemon cucumber

golden raspberries
extra large watermelon
flying saucer squash
Japanese cucumber
young spaghetti squash

extra raspberries
extra tomatoes
apples (wealthy)
Napa cabbage
extra large watermelon
long bean

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