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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 17 Lists

Sorry for the late post, everyone.  Still adjusting to the school year - three kids in three schools!

A couple of items:

  • Winter CSA - We should get the sign-ups onto Farmigo within two weeks.  We're assuming drops at Harvest Moon in Ogden, the Recycling Center in Park City, and the downtown and Holladay Granato's locations.
  • Peaches and other soft fruit - David heard your complaints about the squashed peaches.  There's a certain amount of marking that happens up near the stems where the branch pushes on the peach.  He knows they're going into the boxes perfect (he has supervised extensively the last three weeks) and arriving in pretty good shape (that'd be me), but he thinks a combination of being perfectly ripe and subject to free-range cantaloupe rolling around in the box is leading to bruised fruit.  He has scavenged for plastic containers to keep them protected and has started picking them just a little greener to help the problem.  PLEASE RETURN ANY PLASTIC CONTAINERS TO KEEP COSTS DOWN AND ENSURE FRUIT SURVIVAL!  Heck, throw in your extra salad containers, fruit boxes, and lid-less tupperware.  Reduce, Reuse, then Recycle.
  • Raspberries -- Red raspberries grown at elevation and heat (umm, most of Utah) get white patches of sun-spots (called "white drupelets", which sounds silly).  They aren't bad, moldy, or unripe.   Eat as usual.  Also, when they get to be very ripe they shrivel a bit, especially the goldens that are showing up in the shares this week.  David said, "They're ugly, I'm not going to deny it."  Also fine, just sweeter than usual and very soft.  Honestly, mine didn't make it home - they barely made it from the middle school to the preschool this afternoon.  Raspberry mold is big and furry -- you can't mistake it.  I promise you're not getting moldy raspberries.
  • Bacon and Eggs -- Zoe's doesn't do pork anymore and can't do eggs at the moment.  I'm going to plug another local alternative.  Tonight my son made fried rice with Zoe's carrots, leeks, red cabbage, and garlic, and also eggs and a tiny handful of small-batch-cured "cottage bacon" from Clifford Farms.  That bacon was amazing, and her eggs are the only ones I'll use to replace my girls' when they aren't laying enough to fill our fridge.  They are just down the row (Eastward) from Zoe's at the SLC farmer's market.

top: cantaloupe, cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli, spinach
mid: raspberries, plums, peaches, Old Germans, romas
bot: yellow and white pattypans, stright neck, zephyr, Arm. cuke

yellow pattypan squash
white pattypan squash
zephyr squash
straight neck squash
Roma tomatoes
Old German tomatoes
Armenian cucumber (actually a muskmelon, eat the skin)
top: crookneck, Italian striped, Napa cabbage, bitter melon
bot: flying saucer, beets, golden raspberries

flying saucer squash
Italian striped zucchini
Napa cabbage
crookneck squash
bitter melon (see last week's post for suggestions)
golden raspberries
top: bok choy, green beans, spaghetti squash
mid: strawberries, long red beans, amaranth, Shiro plums, cherry toms, San Marzano
bot: doughnut peach, blackberries, Caspian pink, White wonder

baby bok choy
Blue Lake green beans
young spaghetti squash
red long bean
cherry tomatoes
Shiro plums (means "white" or "castle" in Japanese, but these are yellow and not made of stone)
San Marzano tomatoes (the famous Italian sauce tomato)
white wonder tomato
Caspian pink tomato
doughnut peaches (cutest things EVER)
extra plums
extra peaches

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