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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Winter - Week 1 (Oct 11/12)

The first winter CSA delivery!!  We've seen almost all of these items before, but most of you are new members.  To get started, I'll give a few basic pointers.

Greens:  Wrap them loosely in paper towels, then in a plastic bag, and stick them in the crisper if you have room.  Hardier greens (broccoli greens, bok chois, cabbages, kales, chards) can handle being on the bottom shelf that way, but more tender items should get preferential drawer space.  If you need something easy to try out the greens, saute a little garlic in olive oil, then toss in a chopped up bunch of [insert green].  If it is bland, add salt and pepper or soy sauce.  If it is too bitter, splash with vinegar.

Summer squash:  All of these can be eaten as is, skin and all.  If in doubt, treat them like a zucchini, but slightly tougher.

Bell Pepper
Japanese cucumber
Marketmore cucumber
Armenian cucumber
Lemon cucumber
white pattypan squash
yellow squash
zephyr squash
black beauty eggplant **
white Swiss chard
turnip greens
bok choi
broccoli raab
bartlett pear
Oh Henry peach
Italian plum
red raspberries
yellow raspberries

Meat for the week:
ground sirloin (lean, use a little oil if frying)
ground lamb

** They miscounted the number of eggplants picking in the rain.  Three boxes were short -- those boxes will get an extra next week.

Sorrel, raab, and turnip greens all have good descriptions in this post.

LtoR:  sorrel, bartlett pears, peaches, spinach

LtoR: raspberries, tomatoes, plums, Armenian cuke, lemon cuke

LtoR: white pattypan, yellow squash, Japanese cuke,
marketmore cuke, bell peppers

LtoR: chard, turnip greens, bok choi, broccoflower, broccoli raab

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