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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting Some Summer Color: Raspberries, Tomatoes and Lavender

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the long summer days and colorful produce you picked up today.

Small Share:
Walla Walla Onions
White Onion
Red Onion
Shingiku Greens
English Lavender
Sugar Snap Peas
Prelude Raspberry
Bing Cherries
Garlic Chives
Purple Venus Kohlrabi
Summer Squash-variety
Turnip Greens

Medium Share:
All of Small Share
English Peas
White Venus Kohlrabi

Large Share:
All of Medium Share
Extra Bing Cherries
Extra Prelude Raspberries
Extra English Lavender
Extra Lettuce-variety
Red Leaf Lettuce
Buttercrunch Lettuce
Black Beauty Zucchini
Crookneck Squash
Yellow Eight-Ball Zucchini
Light Green Eight-Ball Zucchini
Amaranthus Leaf

Weekly Update from David:

Lavender: Can be dried, use flowers in salad, cooked into pastries, added into ice cream, tea or coffee.

Zucchini: If the zucchini you received are more mature, David recommends stuffing them. The blog Fat Free Vegan has a recipe I am excited to try, Eight-Ball Zucchini stuffed with Rice, Basil and Sun Dried Tomatoes. I think I will be using a barbecue instead of an oven in order to keep my home cooler during the cooking process.

Garlic Chives: David recommends cooking them as a vegetable instead of as an herb.

Lettuce: If the leaves of your lettuce are wilting from the heat, soak them in cold water for 30-60 minutes, shake out water, dry with a towel or use a salad spinner and store in an airtight bag.

Raspberries: David recommends eating these right away since they are so ripe. If you want to use them at a later date he recommends freezing them.

Cherries: Enjoy, this is the last share of Bing Cherries we will be receiving.

Peas: David recommends cooking the English Peas since they are more mature at this point in the season. You can steam or add to a dish that you will be baking like a casserole or  a vegetables and rice dish.

Kohlrabi: If you have aphids on your kohlrabi, soak in cold water and then rinse while brushing the leaves with your fingers. I will be posting more information on aphids within a day or two.

I will be doing a follow-up post with the identification pictures shortly as well as including recipes that members have submitted and information on aphids.

From our garden to your kitchen, happy eating.


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